Mar 06 2016

40 Days in the Word – Paraphrase It!

Ever have a conversation with a friend that was so deep you needed to repeat back to them what they said just so they knew you were listening? That’s not just a great method for a deep conversation with a human friend; it’s also a great way to talk with God.  Paraphrase-it  method of Bible meditation will help you explain a verse or paragraph in the Bible in your own words. Four common problems in a daily quiet time. 1. The problem of ____________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 2. The problem of ____________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 3. The problem of _____________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 4. The problem of _____________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Keys to a good Bible study 1. _________________________________: what does it say? 2. _______________________________ : what does it mean? 3. ______________________ : how do other verses explain it? 4. ________________________________ : how I will apply it? Introducing the _______________________ It method of Bible meditation. 1. Read the __________________________ over and over. 2. Put the verse in your own _________________________. 3. How can I __________________________ this in my life? Listen to the message and leave comments (podcast listeners go to comment.navchurch.org)

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