What do you do when your internal convictions are opposed to external pressure?  Discover how to prepare for your breakthrough moment.

Scripture: Daniel 1

Discussion Topics:

  1. Read Daniel 1 and discuss the content of the chapter.
  2. In Hacksaw Ridge we see that Desmond Doss will not break his conviction of “No Guns”. Is there a place in your life where you have a unbreakable conviction? Is there a place where you wish you had an unbreakable conviction and you seem to keep breaking it?
  3. In Hacksaw Ridge and in the book of Daniel, we see that when the main characters have  pressure applied they stand strong and good things come out. When pressure is applied to your life what comes out?
  4. Desmond Doss did not admit to being a Conscientious Objector, he said he was a Conscientious Cooperator. When it comes to people who do not believe the way you believe, such as unsaved friends and family members, are you an Objector or Cooperator?

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