We intentionally focus on healthy, spiritual, physical, emotional, and exponential growth.Scripture: Acts 2

Discussion Topics:

  1. The fourth Core Value of Navigation Church is Vitality – We intentionally focus on healthy, spiritual, physical, emotional and exponential growth.  When it comes to the Acts 2 church and when you read our Core Value, how do you see the two working together?
  2. Pastor David discussed how healthy things grow and multiply in life. Do you see your spiritual life as healthy? Where is do you see growth and where is it multiplying?
  3. There are a few aspects that will promote growth if added to ones spiritual life.   One being how they “devoted themselves to the apostles’ teachings and to fellowship” (Acts 2:42). NavGroups are a key component for this to happen. In Acts 2:42 they “prayed together”. Please take 5 minutes and pray out loud together for these prayer topics:  victims of the shooting in Las Vegas, victims of the hurricanes, and vitality of Christian influence in our nation.
  4. Is there a place in your life — emotionally, spiritually, physically or mentally — that is not experiencing vitality right now? If there is something you need to change what would it be? If there is something you need God to touch what would it be? 

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