We welcomed Apostle Jim Hodges from the Federation of Ministers and Churches located in Texas as our guest speaker this morning. 

Discussion Topics:

  1.  Apostle Jim covered three components for a Jesus movement. The first was found in Matthew 4 when Jesus said to some fisherman “Follow Me”. Read Matthew 4 and discuss how you are following Jesus Christ.
  2. The second component of a Jesus Movement is “Learn of Me”. Apostle Jim referred to Matthew 11 and asked the questions, “Is the Word (ie the Bible) teaching you?”. Outside of Sunday morning, where and how are you allowing the Word to teach you?
  3. The third and final component of a Jesus movement is found in John 20 when Jesus says “Go For Me”. What does it mean to “Go” for Jesus and are you doing it?
  4. If someone was to ask you, “What is the For The One slogan all about at Navigation Church?” How would you answer?