Navigation Church’s Generational Pastor, Aaron Semanek, sits down with church partners Tony and Heather Galloway to discuss what a healthy, biblical view of singleness looks like and what lessons can be found in every individual’s season of singleness. Whether you are a single, are parenting a single, or have ever been single, there is something in the message to apply to your life.

Scripture: Genesis 2:15, 18-22

Discussion Topics:

  1. From today’s scripture, what did the story of Adam and Eve show us about singleness?
  2. We learned that singleness is a gift, has advantages, is hard, and is not permanent. Share an experience of how you learned one of these statements to be true.
  3. To singles, was there a lesson or truth you heard that you need to apply to your life? To those married, was there a lesson or truth shared that you can still apply to your married life?
  4. Aaron shared that only God completes you while He brings another alongside you to compliment you. Is there an area of your life where you feel like something is missing and you need God to come in to complete you?

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