Pastor David uses this morning to focus on our current campaign for the year – For the One.  Having just finished our Fall Conference ~ For the One, he will expound on the words our guest speakers gave Navigation Church and how it can help you continue looking for your “One”.
Scripture: Matthew 18:10-14, Luke 15:4-7

Discussion Topics:

  1. Read Matthew 18:10-14 and Luke 15:4-7 and discuss the parable. What is the meaning of the parable? What is it saying to you now? Is there anything about the parable you have not seen before?
  2. The “For The One” conversation is built off this parable and is meant to help you identify someone in your life you should reach out to. Who is your “For The One”?
  3. Do you have a testimony of talking to someone about Christ or leading them to Christ since the “For The One” campaign began?
  4. On Sunday, Pastor David shared prayers and prophetic words given to the church regarding the “Accelerated thing that God is doing at Navigation Church”. Does this help build your faith and instill confidence in your ability to share your testimony and talk to someone about Jesus?