Small Groups

Brent Johnson2So you have always dreamed of being a groupie, right? Well, now’s your chance! Let Pastor Brent Johnson plug you into one, some, or all of the four pillars of Navigation Church. We have Serve Groups for those of you who want to jump on the bandwagon (no pun intended) and start finding out exactly what God’s plan is for you to help the Church. There are Interest Groups for just about everyone, so if you have a hobby, something you need help with, or you simply want to learn about something new, then find an interest group today. Our Gen Groups are perfect for anyone looking for some socialization with people of their own age. Dive into your own generation and reminisce about the past, dream about the future, and get excited about God. Nav Groups are a world of their own. You will find friendships, debates, encouragement and laugh while discussing the weekly sermon and anything else you can come up with.

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