Attend a Nav Group

small group 4At Navigation Church, we know you will learn a whole lot at a Sunday morning gathering. What we also know is most people leave with questions and need someone to discuss, learn and share even more with later. That’s why you need to be part of a weekly Nav Group. With these weekly small groups you may find out you were not the only one who left Sunday morning with questions, or maybe you have fresh insight or a testimony someone else needs to hear. Whatever the case might be, a welcoming host and engaging group leader are waiting for you to be a part. Small-Groups So, find a Nav Group from the list on the right that best fits into your schedule or maybe one that is more kid friendly; and settle in or surf them until you know where you belong. God has so much to give you if you just do a little exploring. If you need more information or have questions contact the Church Office or send a note to our Education Director. Who knows where you’ll end up next…

Each week, every Nav Group will be presented with questions to discuss and will be available to view ahead of time. View and comment on the weekly Nav Group Questions

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