Seniors Ministry



Navigation Church values our Seniors, ie just older youth. We know with a great life span comes great lessons learned. Proverbs 24:32 teaches us if we apply ourselves to learning life's lessons from others experiences, then we can have a fuller life ourselves. We also believe the Bible teaches us to honor the "more seasoned" folks of our community because of their worth to God and to society as a whole.

Denise Fowler and her team have a passion to remind Seniors that when they think they may have "aged out" because of their age, they never "age out" of God's purpose for their life on this earth. At times we all need others to remind us of God's plan for us. Seniors of Navigation Church are reminded of these facts. Our desire is to get Seniors motivated into action and generosity with their time to help others. We also believe an active mind is a fresher mind.


To help meet these goals we try to have various events like:

  • Quarterly Luncheons
  • Regular contacts by phone and in person
  • Home visits as needed by staff and their peers
  • Outreach to other Seniors at homes and care facilities

Our Seniors also play a part in the US Marine Corp Reserves Toys for Tots in our area as well as career speaking programs to incarcerated teens.

We also make it a point not to forget birthdays and special occasions. We may not always be the biological family to a Senior, but God calls us to see them as our Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents as a part of Navigation Church.

Seniors handsOur seniors ministry can consist of everything from a cup of coffee in the morning to an all day outing together.  Find new friends that understand YOU at Navigation Church.

For more information send a note to the Director, Seniors Ministry.

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