What To Expect

  Welcome, Navigation Church's doors are open to anyone who is willing to walk through them.  You can expect a warm, laid back atmosphere, full of people who are ready to get to know you.  Sip a cup of coffee or tea before the service and prepare to renew and rejuvenate your soul. We offer a contemporary worship service with a full band that will lead you through a great period of praise and worship.  Pastor David is constantly working on relevant sermons that will help you find inspiration from many different areas of the Bible and will lead you through different ways that God and his teachings can be used in your everyday life. During the church service, The Voyage is up and running.  Our children's program is a full worship service followed by individualized learning classes that are particular to each child's age group.  They will learn, make crafts, have a snack, and loads of fun while you get as much as possible from the adult service. Throughout the week, Navigation Church offers Nav Groups, where you continue your learning, Serve Groups, where you volunteer, Interest Groups where you discover new passions, and Gen Groups where you unite with other friends of your generation and find new and exciting ways to fellowship together. We pride ourselves on love and acceptance at Navigation Church, and if you are ready to be a part of God's mission, then we are ready to help you take your next step in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  

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