Jesus gave you a destiny.  There can be many distractions and detours in life that keep you from the destiny God has planned for you.  Where can you change directions and get back on track if you feel you are off the destiny you are called to walk?

Scripture: Jonah 1-2

Discussion Topics:

  1. What thought, story, or scripture from Sunday’s sermon, “Jesus Gave Destiny”, stood out to you the most and why?
  2. Jonah probably said that the boat was a good thing but in reality the boat was a bad thing. How can we know the difference between God given answers and enemy delivered distractions?
  3. Where are you apathetic in your spiritual walk?  Is it private disciplines (prayer, tithes, fasting)? Is it personal ministry? Is it practical teachings?
  4. When it comes to your God given destiny, do you feel it is still destined, being delayed or completely destroyed?
  5. God used Jonah’s time in the belly of the whale as part of Jonah’s testimony to the Ninevites. What part of your story needs to be a part of your witness?

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