“Do you know where true joy comes from?” Uncover the truth that God is always your place of refuge if you let Him.

Scripture: Hebrews 11:25

Discussion Topics:

  1. In today’s movie, do you agree or disagree with the father’s statement to the son “Unless you eat a troll you will never be happy”.  Pastor David broaded that statement to the greater principle – you will never have long tern joy seeking short term pleasures.
  2. Through the “troll branch” we learned that isolation is a form of pain.  Share a place in your life where you have isolated yourself to avoid pain.
  3. Read Numbers 14:1-9.  Moses trusted the 12 spies but 10 of them had more interest in self preservation rather than God’s purpose.  Where is a place in your life where someone let you down to preserve themselves?

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