Skeptics dismiss Jesus by claiming there is no evidence in The Case For Christ. In this message Pastor David takes us to the next level…embracing the facts.

Scripture: John 1:12

Discussion Topics:

  1. In reviewing the past few weeks, Pastor David mentioned the five places people find themselves while discussing their belief in Christ: 1. I can’t believe 2. I don’t want to believe 3. I don’t know what to believe 4. I believe, isn’t that enough 5. I believe. Of these five places, which one would be the hardest to connect with someone? Where do you think most people are (outside of “I believe”) and why?
  2. Of the four areas listed: I can’t believe, I don’t want to believe, I don’t know what to believe, and I believe, isn’t that enough? Why do you think people fight against knowing Christ? What can we do to bring peace to this fight?
  3. In John 1:12, the Case For Christ shows us the formula of BELIEVE + RECEIVE = BECOME. Why do you think we make believing in Jesus so hard? Why do we “use work” as a way to seek Gods approval?
  4. This is a question from a few weeks ago that created great discussions.  If you did not discuss, please do so:  What’s more important, having your own testimony to share with someone or knowing Jesus’s testimony?